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Nixplay Signage Partners

Nixplay Signage partners with Distributors and Resellers to deliver the best "out-of-the-box" digital signage solutions to our clients.

Nixplay Signage Resellers

Our Reseller Partners are an extension of Nixplay Signage, since they work directly with our mutual end-users in delivering the benefits of integrated and scalable digital signage.

Nixplay Signage Distributors

We partner with select Distributors around the world to support our continuous growth and provide accessible digital signage solutions to our mutual clients.

Find a Nixplay Signage Partner

To get started, simply email us at to be connected with a Partner.

You can also view our list of official partners to find the right partnerships for your business or professional needs. 

North America

DSI Systems

DSI Systems is the industry leader in the independent retail channel. They offer many competitive advantages which allow them to partner with dealers on every level of the business whether that’s mobility, broadband, commercial, L&I, MDU or all.

11114 Grader St.
Dallas, TX 75238

Partner Type: Distributor
Phone: +1 (800) 888-8876
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Why Partner with Nixplay Signage?

Benefits of Becoming a Nixplay Signage Partner:

  • Complete training of our products and software
  • Dedicated pre-sales assistance and technical support
  • Joint marketing campaigns and marketing materials

Our Partners provide assistance for our products, technical support, training, marketing, product expertise, and other professional services. They are also responsible for translating all materials into the appropriate language.

If you believe that our solutions may compliment you and your business, please contact us:

Americas: +1-415-299-6403
UK and Europe: +44 800 689 1570 
Asia-Pacific: +852 2548 8831